MAE Foundation | The show will go on!
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Thai Army -News

16 Apr The show will go on!

Army clampdown forces MAE Foundation 
to suspend fundraising Despite new problems caused by a Thai army clampdown on access to the refugee camps we work with...

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Burma Changes-News

16 Apr Changes in Burma – FAQ

What has happened recently in Burma? On 12 January 2012, Burmese authorities signed a ceasefire agreement with the Karen National Union, a rebel group. Additionally, the...

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16 Apr Silverlake Concert

Firstly, Happy New Year! We have got off to a fantastic start at the MAE Foundation. Our founder, Richard Harvey, took part in a concert...

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16 Apr YouTube

We have a new video on YouTube! We teamed up with Shoots and Leaves Films to make this short film about the MAE Foundation and...

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