Concert tribute to Stephen Dodgson
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Concert tribute to Stephen Dodgson

Stars line up for London Charity concert tribute to Stephen Dodgson, a major London concert will take place on Thursday 3 October to celebrate the life and music of composer and Royal College of Music Professor Stephen Dodgson. Stephen, one of Britain’s greatest composers of recent times, a lovely man and a huge influence on three generations of musicians, died in April, aged 89.

Great performers who loved Stephen and his music will be turning out in force-including the Tippett String Quartet, John Williams (for whom Stephen wrote a glorious guitar concerto), harpsichordist Maggie Cole and composer/recorder player Richard Harvey.

The concert, at St James’s, Piccadilly, will be attended by Jane Dodgson, Stephen’s widow. Jane has decided that the proceeds should go to the MAE Foundation.

The full concert line-up includes the Tippett String Quartet, John Williams, Maggie Cole, Richard Harvey, Anna Noakes (flute), Gillian Tingay (harp), The Zone 6 Brass Quintet, Roger Chase (viola), Benedict Cruft (violin), Brian Gulland (bassoon) and Tom Ellis (guitar).